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Mega Bundle

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This bundle includes

  1. Our incredible Busy book

  2. Emotions Flashcards

  3. Calming Strategies Flashcards

  4. Fruits & Vegetables Flashcards


Toddler Busy Books

Our Busy Book is filled with bright, colourful and interactive activities to keep little hands busy. Each page features a different concept, from numbers and shapes, to colors, animals, and sounds.

Our Busy Books have been designed with the curious, playful and boisterous toddler in mind.  The strong large bind holds the fun-filled pages together whilst allowing maximum flexibility to fold the pages back over each other. Our velcro dots are placed well to allow full visual of the activities and the thick 350gsm pages are able to withstand extended use. 

This is more than just an activity book and is filled with numerous velcro pieces to peel off and stick onto over 10 educational activities, learning topics such as the Alphabet, Numbers, Colours and Matching! 

Activities: 12

Pages: 21


Calming Strategies Flashcards

Help kids deal with their big emotions with the calming strategies depicted in these cards. Teach your little one how to start emotionally regulating and help them stay calmer.

Number of cards: 23


Emotions Flashcards

Emotional literacy provides an essential foundation for empathy, socialization, and self-understanding.

Use these Emotions flashcards to interpret facial expressions and inspire conversations about what makes us feel the way we do, improving our emotional intelligence.

Number of cards: 15


Fruits & Vegetables Flashcards
These vibrant flashcards come in a pack of 2:
1. Fruits cards 
- Illustrated with real images
- 24 cards in the pack

2. Vegetables cards
- Illustrated with real images
- 32 cards in the pack

These flashcards help children in the early stages of cognitive development using high-quality cards with a sturdy metal ring that's perfect for little fingers to easily grab, flip and play.

The flashcards are small enough for little hands to handle while bright enough to hold their attention.